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Impression is the name of the game and being ever precise and presenting facts straight and simple is what a pre-requisite for any presentation is. At Innovius Designs, we realise that both of these factors, in the correct proportions, brings out one good, wholesome presentation and that is exactly what we provide and strive to design. Be it a presentation for one mega event or regular support for presentation ideas, we accurately work out the perfect approach to any such situation. Tailor-made to satisfy every unique requirement that you want to present in your slides, with a subtle touch of creative finesse, our skilled team makes certain that there is more to a simple PowerPoint presentation than just some mundane slides with data.

Expressing a hundred ideas, with one artful symbol

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It is no secret that throughout time what has survived more than languages is the power of symbols to portray a plethora of ideals single-handedly. It is evident in modern times as well, since we can involuntarily associate 4 interlocked rings with Audi or that a stylised-tick mark stands for Nike (‘Swoosh’). Our team understands this inept need of a logo which has to be elegant yet simple, strong yet casual; while at the same time representing everything the organisation stands for in a way that can be deciphered by all. We ensure that every logo we design for an organisation is downright objective-oriented and that it appeals to the general public and syncs with them completely, from the colour psyche used to the crafty patterns.


Compressing volumes of info into precise few sheets of elegance

Perhaps the most ingenious way to crunch up a rather long PowerPoint presentation is to use Infographics. Crisp, artistic and hitting straight to the point, these short and sweet graphic-styled poster constitute one of the most powerful marketing as well as presentation tools in recent times, especially in situations where time is of the essence, and you need to show more and speak less. Our team incessantly works to create that one robust piece of Infographics, for any idea, any product and any service with simplicity and remarkable originality and uniqueness. Through creative use of colour, fonts, negative space, catchy text, every need of yours can be transformed by our team into informative, attention-grabbing graphic pieces which would reinforce the brand image of your organisation.


Circulating your work and company with fine lustre

The first point of contact or initiation of working together among companies usually begins with some pamphlet one receives or someone’s business card passed in some get-together. This helps to communicate all the key benefits in one’s business in a visually compelling manner and evokes credibility. At Innovius Designs, we believe this aspect to be the most understated tool of marketing to fruitfully engage with organisations. Furthermore, we make sure that this key aspect is managed efficiently ensuring that the materials of marketing collateral are getting delivered thoroughly and stays up-to-date. From letterheads to brochures, we make sure that the services or products you offer are elaborated in the best way feasible and manage to create a significant impact.


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